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FAQ’s Florida Realtors®/Florida Bar Contracts, Revised November 2021


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Ginés Ginés - Liberty Mutual


My name is Ginés Ginés! I was born and raised in Winter Haven, FL where I remained until my career began with Liberty Mutual in 2018. During that same year, I was married to my wife, left my hometown to start a new career with a new company and we had our first child! My daughter is now 3 and we have a 2 year old son. I have 15 years of insurance experience, 12 of which are all in claims. I transitioned from claims to sales in 2019 and immediately fell in love with this new role. I truly enjoy helping others and finding affordable ways to protect what’s most important to my customers. Liberty Mutual has an amazing only-pay-for-what-you-need motto and I find it absolutely liberating to truly customize policy coverages in a way which makes sense for my customers’ individual and unique needs. As a life-long resident of Central Florida, I am excited to continue dedicating my career to my local clients

Ginés Ginés - Liberty Mutual










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May is Women's Health Month!!

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